Control Research Engineer

Engineering, Electrical
• Implement developed algorithms in rapid-prototyping environments.
• Experience with C/C++, ROS, Python languages, and a variety of Embedded Development Tools
• Familiarity with setup and implementation of a variety of motion control / drive system including Electro hydrostatic Actuators (EHA’s), and Electro Hydraulic Actuators (EH’s)
• Drive interaction with academic partners to develop novel control paradigms capable of handling electromechanical control-oriented models.
• Write technical reports on algorithm and control software development.
• Knowledge of ADAS/Autonomous systems (Autonomous Driving and/or Robotics)
• A strong background in Kinematics / Dynamics
• Experience with instrumentation, data acquisition systems, and communication buses such as RS485, CAN and Ethernet.
• Experience or knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Human-Robot interaction a plus.

Project Engineer

Engineering, Project
• Aids in the new product development process by identifying effective and efficient assembly techniques and manufacturing processes to be used.
• Expert in design for manufacturability (DFM) and influence product design to improve manufacturability for yield and reliability
• Collaborate with product design engineers to ensure robust design for manufacturing
• Interface cross-functionally with design and commodity teams in down-selection, sourcing, qualification, and integration of components and vendors used in Challenging Solutions products.
• Work with the Quality and Reliability team to define requirements for shipment
• Develops systems to keep reports and documentation updated and accurate (MAPs, DHRs, MPI’s, fixture database, etc.).
• Designs, builds, and/or purchases fixtures, equipment and tools as needed to ensure quality products at minimal costs.
• Ensures manufacturing documentation and process validation are complete, accurate and within GMP compliance.
• Experience in using Solidworks, Six Sigma Green or Black belt a plus.

Senior Engineer, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Engineering, Manufacturing
• Develops, evaluates, and improves manufacturing methods for existing and new products in development.
• Troubleshoots mfg. issues and is owner of research, testing and/or analysis to resolve. Implements resolution in DMR with required justification, background to support.
• Mini Design Projects such as accessories to existing products, redesign of sub parts to large assemblies or cost reductions.
• Confers with planning and design staff concerning product design and tooling to ensure efficient, repeatable and cost effective production methods.
• Applies statistical methods to estimate manufacturing requirements and potential.
• Analyzes space requirements, workflow, and designs layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency.
• Interacts with vendors to determine or refine specifications and arranges for purchase of equipment, materials, or parts, and qualifies processes as required.
• Tracks inventory assets including capitalized business equipment, and critical manufacturing equipment, fixtures and tools.
• Supports the regulatory submission process in compliance with all ISO, EN, MDD and FDA regulations and requirements by gathering data, assisting in the completion of submissions, and meeting goals set forth by project management.
• Reviews production forecasts to determine materials needs.
• Responsible for development of manufacturing support documentation, working with engineers to identify best-fit suppliers and sourcing of materials to ensure product quality, cost, manufacturing and delivery requirements are met.
• Identifies capable vendors, qualifies as necessary, and negotiates best prices and delivery terms for materials, sub-assemblies, completed products and services.
• Develops and maintains system to accurately and easily track component materials, sub-assembly and finished goods inventory for local and consigned inventory.
• Plans and procures materials for continuing production including purchasing and receiving.

Product Development Engineer

Engineering, Mechanical / Biomed
• Evaluate the design feasibility of new product ideas and use design control processes to develop new product designs from concept to commercialization. Provide support to Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for submissions and responses to FDA.
• Develop product testing plans which will insure the safety and efficacy of products under development.
• Establish and maintain strong working relationships with all functional areas within the company to insure timely and smooth product development, design and commercialization. Typically this person will be considered the lead engineer for a major product development program.
• Maintain existing product segments in accordance with the company’s and industry standards.
• Provide ongoing technical support to manufacturing areas within the company and/or vendors during production of current products.
• Prepare and submit written and oral communications to technical consultants and other functions within the company which describe the performance and intended design concepts of our products.
• Assist the corporate legal department as needed with patent disclosures and information necessary for patent submissions.
• Use sound engineering problem solving techniques to thoroughly review the decisions which can be made at this level. These decisions may include design, design analysis, material selection, process requirements, engineering specifications and inspection techniques depending on their scope and magnitude.
• Additional education and knowledge in the fields of orthopedics, orthopedic research, biomaterials, experimental and analytical stress analysis, fatigue testing, CAD/CAM skills, geometric tolerancing and a working knowledge of manufacturing processes is required.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Engineering, Mechanical
• Lead design, development, and process related engineering duties in the development of new medical products and devices from initial design to market release.
• Establish product specifications including design objectives, product features and cost targets from marketing requirements.
• Collaborate with team members both internal and external to brainstorm design concepts, evaluate and select the best concepts through prototyping, testing, research and analysis.
• Assist in the fabrication of prototypes and products.
• Mechanical design and development and/or other design documentation using SolidWorks.
• Research, order, and process project materials
• Perform mechanical engineering analyses to verify function, reliability, life, code compliance, manufacturability and cost.
• Lead full circle product development of new products, cost-reduction, performance, alternative ideas, and improvement initiatives of existing products.
• Presentation of all product material and designs to small or large audiences.
• Help maintain project schedules, budgets, status reports, and other documentation
• Other tasks to keep the business operating smoothly.


Back-end/middle-layer programmer/database developer

This position requires someone with a very strong understanding of the server internet protocols, the network topologies and their strengths and weaknesses. You should be able to create and configure firewall and security permission settings between different layers of the applications, as appropriate. You might need to know or be able to learn quickly an expanded set of back-end (i.e. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, other) and middle- ware programming languages (Java and C++, C#), know SOA components. You will code business functions and application services that need to be shared between different front- ends (for instance between the PC front-end and the API-based mobile application). It is good to have an idea of the MDM tools. You will also monitor and control the performance of the networks and network data transfers.

Embedded engineer

You are a computer science or a software engineer with a good understanding of the elements involved in the programming to micro-controllers (our hardware); you are someone who can write software code to interface with this type of hardware. You might additionally be expected to write certain pieces of back-end database and statistical code for managing and analyzing the data which originates from our micro- controlled devices. You will work closely with the back-end developers.

Interaction Designer

You hold yourself to high standards in designing and developing a computer interface with an intuitive, simplified and an attractive layout. You will connect the assistive technology, which is a smart robotics device, to a user friendly interface to help in its live utilization by its direct users, the elderly and individuals with a wide range of disabilities. A successful candidate will know relevant technologies, such as IOS swift, Android Java and other front-end programming, and be otherwise capable and passionate about expanding their skillset, as requirements are being further defined.

Additional Qualifications for all available positions

Our ideal candidate(s), in addition to the above skills, will have good interpersonal communication skills to fit in our company culture. Someone who is motivated and passionate about what his/her role is. Ideally, if he/she is also passionate about helping others, mainly contributing to the field of accessibility.

At Challenging Solutions we want to change the status quo of disability, to open up new opportunities for people with mobility limitations, and to become a leading reference in the area of accessibility.